World Celebrities Cruise in Croatia

World Celebrities Cruise in Croatia

Beyoncé and Jay Z cruised on their yacht along the Croatian part of Adriatic and were delighted by the beauty

„Life is but a dream“

When Beyoncé’s documentary named „Life is but a dream“ was officially presented Croatians were happy to see how she was delighted by the amazing beauty of Croatian side of the Adriatic and its islands. In one part of the documentary, she tries to put in words her impression by the sea, island Hvar and the Croatian coastline.

It seems that world celebrity No1 is becoming the most famous ambassador of the Croatia's sunniest island that attracts more and more world celebrities.

World Celebrities Cruise in Croatia

Video has been uploaded by 'Sheriff&Cherry', the manufacturers of sunglasses so everyone could see the place Beyoncé was talking when she said;

I am experiencing Utopia. Life could not be any more fantastic. It is perfect. Everything we work for is right here, right in this moment. This is amazing. Look at this beautiful nature that God created, that I am about to jump into right now with my friend that I love and my husband. YES! Thanks be to Jesus... Life is but a dream.

World Celebrities Cruise in Croatia

In the documentary, you can also see a video when Beyoncé and Jay Z are singing some Coldplay songs in Dubrovnik – another top destination in Croatia.

After their visit of Hvar, Beyonce, Jay Z & Solange headed for Cavtat near Dubrovnik. They spent few hours there and then cruised away towards north.

Her sister, Solange made a tweet saying that Croatia is beautiful and breath taking, a true paradise on earth!

World Celebrities Cruise in Croatia

The Hvar Beyoncé story once more made global headlines when Hvar Mayor Pjerino Bebic conferred the title of honorary citizen on Blue Ivy, in recognition of the positive effect on tourism she and her mother had contributed.

Croatia, of course, sees the visit of Beyoncé and Jay Z as a great promotion for Croatian Islands and Croatia as a tourist destination in general.

After the arrival of prince Harry, this is another story about Croatia that hit the headlines of world press.