Sailing regatta Jabuka

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Open sea regatta starts during night from Vodice, Croatia

Regatta Jabuka 2013.

This year traditional open sea regatta JABUKA 2013. is organised by Sailing Club TIJAT from Vodice, Croatia. Adrenaline character of this regatta is hidden in unpredictable weather conditions characteristic for November. The number of participants is not relevant because just the idea of sailing around Jabuka Island located in the middle of the Adriatic sea is enough reason to fell satisfaction.

Regatta is organised under the patronage of Croatian Sailing Federation and International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

Yacht charter Croatia Adriatic Prestige regatta Jabuka 1

Last year, 10th and jubilee regatta in Vodice saw impressive 70 crews and the fastest vessel was sailboat from Marina Kaštela with the skipper Josip Berket. The sailing route is almost 120 miles long: from Vodice to small island Komorica – Komorica to Jabuka Island – Jabuka island to Blitvenica Island – Blitvenica Island to Vodice.

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Regatta is famous because of late night start and mystical Jabuka island and the main characteristics are strong wind and hectic and long lasting sailing relations. Just being part of this sport manifestation presents enough satisfaction for anyone who is in love with sailing and sea in general.

Jabuka Island

Jabuka (jâbuka) means apple in Croatian language. It is volcanic island in the middle of the Adriatic. The island is located Vis Island, it is uninhabited and the closest land masses are small Croatian islands Svetac and Brusnik. Coastline is extremely steep and hard to approach. Disembarkation on the island is possible only if and when the weather is perfectly clear and sea is calm. The easiest access is on the south-west side. On the island, you can find some endemic species such as a Dalmatian Wall Lizard and some plants. From 1958 the island is known as geological monument of nature.

Yacht charter Croatia Regatta Jabuk

Because of its location, far away from inhabited islands and human influence, it is clear that surrounding sea is rich with fish, especially common bream.

Jabuka has 97-meter (318 ft) tall cliffs. All sea lanes avoid the island, because its magnetic form confuses compasses.

VIDEO: Regatta Jabuka 2012

Yacht charter Croatia Regatta Jabuka