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Located in the Adriatic Sea, in Dalmatian archipelago is the longest and sunniest Croatian island and is considered to be one of the prettiest islands in the whole world. With its surface of 299.6 km2, length of 68,2 km and population of 10,648 inhabitants (according to 2011 census), administratively speaking Hvar island is integral part of Splitsko-Dalmatinska county.

Yacht charter Croatia Island Hvar

The largest places on the islands are: Hvar (city), Stari Grad, Sućuraj and Vrboska. Other places to be mentioned are significantly smaller but not les charming: Milna, Sveta Nedilja, Ivan Dolac and Zavala, Brusje, Grablje, Dol, Rudina, Vrbanj, Svirče, Vrisnik, Pitve, Humac, Poljica, Zastražišće, Gdinj,...

Yacht charter Croatia Island Hvar

Hvar and Brač islands are separated by so called Hvar channel while Vis channel separates Hvar and Vis Island. Eastern Cape of Hvar, where city of Sućuraj is located, is only 3 nautical miles (cca 5 kilometers) away from the coast of Makarska Riviera. In front of western part of the island Hvar you will see amazing group of islands and islets called Paklinski islands. That island group is especially popular due to its unprecedented and unspoiled beauty, a lot of secluded beaches and bays. Special story should be told about the gastronomy of the Paklinski islands, about Menghello restaurant, Toto's restaurant, Laganini beach bar and others...
The highest peak of the island is Sveti Nikola, 628 meters above the sea level. It also should be said that the Northern coast of the island, with great Starigrad bay is much more indented than Southern.

Yacht charter Croatia Hvar

The island is well known by its mild Mediterranean climate characterized by mild winters, hot summers and huge number of sunny days and hours (2718 hours per year). Maximum temperature ever measured is 37 degrees Celsius.
The economy of the island is based primarily on the tourism where city of Hvar presents the true leader not only of the island but also of the whole Split-Dalmatia County.

Yacht charter Croatia Island Hvar

Brief history

Hvar has been inhabited since the dawn of mankind. Later on, the island was inhabited by the Ilirian tribes that soon got in conflict with the Greek colonizers approximately in 4th century before Christ. Greeks founded antique city Pharos, today known under the name of Stari Grad. The island had important role in the time of Ilirian-Roman war that ended with Roman victory. That victory marked descend of the island's importance as Hvar and whole Dalmatia came under the patronage of Byzantine government.

Hvar Island

In the 7th century, the island comes under the government of the Neretvan authority and becomes the integral part of Croatian Kingdom, from 925. – 1102. AD. In the next centuries, Hvar accepts the authority of Croatia-Hungarian kings, Dubrovnik Republic, Venice, France and Austria. Following the World War I, it becomes a part of Italy and after World War II it is a part of federative Yugoslavia till 1991 when Croatia becomes sovereign and independent country.

Yacht Charter Croatia Hvar

Well indented coast, numerous picturesque beaches, crystal clear seam unspoiled and untouched nature, local vine and food, plenty of sun, mild climate, rich history and friendly locals make this island what it is: a truly must visit destination when it comes to yacht charter in Croatia.

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