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Croatian Wines - Yacht charter Croatia

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Croatia is definitely a land of islands. There you will find more than 1200 islands, islets, keys, bays and peninsulas. It is a land of rich history and culture but also, the land of wine producing tradition reaching back to ancient times. Add to that a fact that coastal wine hills are bathed with an average of 2000+ sunny hours per year. Wine making tradition is especially rich on the shores of Adriatic Sea. So, the conclusion would be this: Croatia is a land of vineyards, rich with more than 300 geographically defined wine districts squeezed on relatively small geographic surface.

Croatian Wines - Yacht charter Croatia

We can talk about two main wine regions named “Primorska Hrvatska” meaning Coastal Croatia and “Kontinentalna Hrvatska” meaning Continental Croatia. They are divided into 12 sub regions - further divided into smaller wine hills (Croatian “vinogorje”), spreaded from the Dalmatian Coast to the floodplains of Danube. (It is proved that one of these wine hills are the origin, birthplace of California’s beloved Zinfandel grape.)

wines of Croatia Yacht charter Croatia

Since this article is dedicated to yacht charter enthusiast, seeking for luxury travel experience on the sea shores, we will be talking about the Coastal wine regions of Croatia. Split, as the main luxury yacht charter hub in Croatia is the first place where you get the opportunity to taste Adriatic. Be sure you find out something about impressive, 1700 years old history of the city and be sure to visit some of the local wine cellars. But if you are coming from Zagreb direction, spend a couple days in Croatia’s capital and explore it’s cavernous 19th-century vaulted brick cellars.

wines of Croatia Yacht charter Croatia

South and Central Dalmatia: proved birthplace of Zinfandel grape

Coastal Croatia

“Južna (Southern)” and “Srednja (Central / Middle) Dalmatia are the regions where probably the best wines are made. There you will find few well known “vinogorje” (wine hills) like Kaštela and Dingač: Kaštela – as the home area of “Crljenak Kastelanski”, Zinfandel’s ancestror; Dingač – world famous of its Plavac Mali grape.
Peljesac peninsula, winemaker Frano Miloš makes some of Croatia’s most revered wines; unsurprisingly, tour buses frequently line up to visit his vineyards and winery. The islands of Korcula and Hvar, which produce the cult varietals grk and bogdanuša, respectively, are also part of Central and South Dalmatia, and the cities of Split and Dubrovnik have become regular stopovers for cruise ships traversing the Adriatic Sea between Italy and Greece.

wines of Croatia Yacht charter Croatia

North Dalmatia

Very often, North Dalmatia that stretches from the coastal town of Zadar to the north of the Split city, is not recognized as a quality wine hill region. Fortunately, there is Babić grape to prove that all above said is wrong. Babić is native Croatian grape sort that produces strong and inky red wine of considerable tannin and strength.

wines of Croatia Yacht charter Croatia

Premium quality Babić comes from terraced vineyards (picture above) near the shores of Primosten, where generation after generation of localc have carved dry-stone clusters of small rectangular plots into the rocky, improbably vine-bearing landscape that juts steeply from the Adriatic. Some few kilometres inland where ancient city of Skradin is located, Bibich family keeps alive their winemaking family tradition that lasts for 500 years now!

wines of Croatia Yacht charter Croatia


Even if you do not pay some extra attention to it, in very short period of time it will become clear to you that this peninsula, the biggest one in the Adriatic, has been an integral part of neighbouring Italy for a very long period of time. It is quite often and regulart to hear Italian language spoken in the city squares, bars, and elswhere... Also, if you look up in the local vineyards you will find more of Italy: moscato, trebbiano and verduzzo grapes. Terrano sort of grapes with protection in Friulu-Venezia Giulia region (known as controlled designation of origin) is also grown here, very succesfull as the soil in this western part of Istrian peninsula is very simnilar to Italy's well known „terra rossa“ or „red earth“.
One of the most representative wines of Istrian penisula is „Istarski teran“ or as the locals call it „Terrano“. It is produced by winemaker Moreno Coronica, the owner of the Coronica Winery. Mister Coronica organically grown grapes and turns it into a extraordinary red wine. He also also produces splendid white wines mostly of Istarska malvazija grapes. Those wines are well known for its freshness and floral tastes.

wines of Croatia Yacht Charter Croatia

Now when you are familiar with the basics, it is time for you to taste the wines on board one of our luxury yachts and get all the best Croatia has to offer.

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