Race: Yacht vs. Car

Race: Yacht vs. Car

A bit strange combination brought to us by TOP GEAR crew. Excellent show featuring two amazing toys: car and yacht

Good story never dies

Yes, yes, we know it....it is an old news but in our opinion it is a story that should be repeated for all those who missed it initially. Especially for those who enjoy in extravagant, high speed luxury yachts. The story should be also told again because of all those who are in love with luxury cars like the one that appears in this story.
So, once upon a time.... No, we know exact time – year 2009. Our favorite UK show called TOP GEAR made one of their episodes really interesting by racing Ferrari Daytona and, what is known to be, the world’s fastest diesel production boat XSR 48. So, combination of classic, luxury, extravagance, speed, racing, car and yacht – can it be more exciting?!
But, before you take a look a whole story of this unbelievable race told in two part video, it should be polite to say a couple of words about the main characters: FERARI DAYTONA & XSR 48.

Yacht charter Croatia Race: Yacht vs. Car

Unofficially Daytona, officially 365 GTB/4

As far as we found out, the name Daytona did not came from Ferrari but was in a certain way imposed by the media. The real name of this Ferrari model is actually Ferrari 365 GTB/4. It is a great Gran Tourismo car produced in the period of late 60's and the beginning of the 70's of the past century. As you see, this Ferrari model did not stuck in the production for a long period of time and relatively soon it was replaced by the new model known as Berlinetta Boxer.

Yacht charter Croatia Race: Yacht vs. Car


As you will hear in the video Richard Hammond talking, this Ferrari was not quite accepted initially. The greatest rival was new Lamborghini, mid-engined model Miura. Daytona on the other hand was more traditional and conservative looking front-engined, rear-drive car. The engine hiding under the hull is 4.4 L, V12 that produced 352 hp (263kW) reaching the top speed of 280 km/h (174 mph).
The car vas, obviously, designed by the legendary Pininfarina but its appearance was totally different than it was used to. May critics said that the design was stolen from Lamborghini.

Yacht charter Croatia Race: Yacht vs. Car

In 2004, the Daytona was voted top sports car of the 1970s by Sports Car International magazine. Similarly, Motor Trend Classic named the 365 GTB/4 and GTS/4 as number two in their list of the ten "Greatest Ferraris of all time".

The fastest

British boat design and manufacturing company XSMG, is focused on production of award winning and market leading very high speed boats. As they proudly say in the company, XSR yachts are most technically advanced vessels today thanks to 165.000 hours invested in research, development and engineering. The hydrodynamics of the latest generation XSR Interceptor hull is by Lorne Campbell Design and the structural engineering of the composite monocoque is by SP High Modulus. So, you can be sure that XSR yachts are able to show all its extraordinary marine capabilities no matter what are the conditions on the sea.
This yacht is powered by two diesel engines, 2.000 hp (two thousand horsepower) reaching maximum speed of 85 knots or 158 km/h. Right vessel for every adrenaline seeker, you agree with us? But for all those that seek not just rush but luxury also - this yacht is equipped with latest entertainment systems, 4 12-inch LCD screens, fridge, microwave....and a toilet made of carbon fiber. A perfect combination in our opinion.

Yacht charter Croatia Race: Yacht vs. Car

Take a look at this brilliant and funny two part video.
Racing track: Protofino (Italy) to Saint Tropez (France).

Race: Yacht vs. Car Yacht charter Adriatic


Race: Yacht vs. Car Yacht charter Croatia

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