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Before you book your yacht charter holiday in Croatia, we would like to draw your attention to a few things. If you are coming in Croatia for a first time, maybe you should read this article and after you leave, you could let us know if we were right?

To charter a yacht in unknown destination?

A lot of people already heard about Croatia, about Croatian crystal clear Adriatic Sea, great pebble beaches, thousand Dalmatian islands, rich historical heritage and beautiful nature but however they still did not find time to come and explore Croatia's charm personally. We know how hard it is to decide to spend precious free time and have a feeling that you are gambling with it by spending it in destination you know practically nothing about. We can guarantee, and you can mark our words, you will be surprised. Positively, of course. Here are some tips for you, about Croatian coast that should make you stop resisting to idea of chartering a yacht in Croatia.

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Cities whose names you probably have never heard of

We are aware of the fact that even worldwide global travelers never heard for the majority of Croatian coastal cities and island destinations. Let's just name few, for majority of people, hard pronounceable destinations like; Trogir, Zadar, Hvar, Šibenik, Korčula, Pelješac, etc... It is normal thing that people are not comfortable with unknown, especially when vacation time is in question but all, yes you heard us right, all of our guest talked about falling in love with each of destinations we took them to and being sad not to be courageous enough to visit them earlier. You will simply be knocked down by vibrant city of Split, major yacht charter hub on Adriatic, Zadar will impress you with its ancient/modern combination, when you visit Hvar you will understand why it is so popular among world celebrities, Korčula or little Dubrovnik, Šibenik and its archipelago,… Basically, what you will learn from your visit to Croatia is that you should not avoid any destination or dismiss it as - „I'm not interested in“ - just because you hardly heard of it, you think it has nothing to offer to you or you just have problems pronouncing its name correctly.

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Special chapter: Dalmatian cuisine

We already gave you some brief introduction to the basics of Croatian cuisine so again, regarding to this matter, do not be fooled by what you think and suppose, cause there is big chance you will make a terrible mistake. For those who know something about Croatia’s recent history and know that it has been a part of socialist country the first association regarding the food usually is: tasteless food, boiled potatoes and horrible soups. For this matter, let's repeat one more time: don't make that mistake. Croatian food belongs to Mediterranean basin, it is indeed influenced (historical reasons) by the Italian cuisine but here you will taste much more than pizza and pasta - the usual suspects when Italian cuisine is in question. Food is homegrown, organic, fresh and delicious and you will have a lot of problems trying to pinpoint the one meal you consider to be Croatian top delicacy. Will that be a Dalmatian pršut (prosciutto/smoked ham) or Pag goat cheese, sea fruits prepared in traditional way, octopus salad, black (squid or calamari) risotto, superior quality white or red wine, domestic Prošek...? That is the issue you will have to deal with on your own and you can be sure that we will provide quality tip, advice and/or suggestion to make your problem even worse. Please do not blame us; we just want you to spend the time of your life in Croatia.

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Dubrovnik is indeed amazing

Dubrovnik, the pearl of Adriatic, is Croatia’s number destination without any doubt. Its fortification walls an fortresses have been preserved in unprecedented way and today they stay proud as reminiscence to Dubrovnik's rich and interesting history. Thanks to those walls you can't tell what scene is more impressive: Dubrovnik’s panorama seen from your luxury yacht anchored in front of the old city or Dubrovnik's panorama seen from Srđ mountain above the city. Another impression you will remember definitely is when you enter through the old city gates. It'll seem to you that you just passed through wormhole, a distorted one, and exited in a place where everything is mixed up: historical architecture and vibrant modern life. That is why most of our clients summon their impression in one sentence: I expected it to be nice, but not this nice. Whatever you choose to do in Dubrovnik will impress you whether you like to walk around the city through the narrow streets in city center or you like to have your meal in magnificent location with stunning view or you just like to enjoy in the cleanest sea you've ever seen. The words are not enough - come and see it for yourself.

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I'll be back, I need more time!!

Definitely the best way to explore the beauties of Adriatic coast is to charter a yacht and hop from one location to another. But prepare yourself to be disappointed as Croatian coast has to offer much more than you will get to see and visit in one or even two yacht charter weeks. So, before you arrive, let us know what your preferences are and with help from our professional team work out the optimal yacht charter itinerary and take advantage of every single moment in Croatia. We will do our best to meet all your demands and fulfill your wishes but thanks to Croatia's unprecedented beauty we know we will hear from you what we ate listening for years now: I'LL BE BACK, I NEED MORE TIME!!

Luxury yachts Croatia

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