Yacht week in Croatia: Choose the perfect marina

Yacht chater Croatia ACI

For thirty years now, ACI or Adriatic Croatia International Club successfully operates with numerous marinas in Croatia. ACI became the name, actually the synonym for nautical standard of excellence, well known and highly respected among both yacht charter experts and yacht charter enthusiast. Today, it seems impossible to even try to imagine successful nautical sector in Croatia without ACI.


VHF:17 i 16
Email: m.skradin@aci-club.hr

Yacht charter Croatia ACI

It is considered to be one of the prettiest marinas on Adriatic, located in central Dalmatia, right next to the mouth of Krka River. It is opened for everyone through the year. This particular marina is very popular among the owners of boats made of wood that prefer to spend the winter time right here in this marina. Why? Well, in our previous articles we wrote how Skradin and National Park Krka are unique because of the sea and fresh water combination. Architecturally speaking, marina is perfectly blended with surrounding area, city of Skradin and National Park. Extreme safety and pleasant atmosphere are two main reasons why so many yachts and crews choose to come here and spend some time. In addition to all previously mentioned reasons gastro offer and top quality wines present added value to your stay.

Yacht charter Croatia ACI

Blue Flag

Year 2000. brought to this marina a nomination for European blue flag and in that way whole Skradin area practically received the recognition for extra efforts in preserving the nature. If you want to make this marina as a starting point of your yacht charter in Croatia, have no worries – Skradin is very well connected with the rest of the country: two international airports (Zadar and Split) are close and well connected by highway.

Yacht charter Croatia ACI


• 180 berths with electricity and power supply (up to 125 A)
• Ability to receive mega yacht up to 70 meters
• Reception - Exchange office - Café-bar – Souvenir shop – Shower/WC – Resturants
• Shops
• WiFi

How to get there

After the pass through Šibenik channel, the way will lead you through Krka riverbed and through Prokljan straight. It is usual, so we advise you to navigate keeping to your right side. Basically, it is really hard to miss it so just be wise and follow the “road”. Of course, we know you will previously consult the navigation maps.

Yacht charter Croatia ACI

What to do there

Bungee jumping

If you are adrenaline lover you will love this info: Šibenik Bridge, just few kilometers away by car is opened for Bungee jumping. Free fall in Adriatic from 40 meters height will for sure make your hart go wild and feed you with satisfying amount adrenaline. The bungee season officially start on the first day of July and ends on September the 1st. This place is the first place in Croatia to start with bungee jumping.

Yacht Charter Croatia ACI

Scuba diving and fishing

Highly indented coast line, rich nautical history, plenty of underwater caves and tunnels makes this part of Adriatic sea perfect playground for all those in love with diving and snorkeling. Numerous diving schools and centers are just waiting for you to show up.

Yacht charter Croatia ACI

If you are looking for more information about yacht charter in Croatia or travel to Croatia in general please feel free to contact us at any time.

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